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Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, and disconnected with yourself and the important relationships in your life? 

We offer evidence-based support to help you understand your situation, and discover strategies so you can engage more positively and interact with others in a healthier way. 

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We Help Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Families

Our approach at Fundamentals of Well-Being applies to children, adolescents, and parents. We specifically focus on the needs of children, adolescents, adults, and families and we assist parents in supporting their children. Research indicates that parenting styles impact the development and well-being of children. 

We provide our clients with a solid framework to understand growth over the lifespan for the purpose of yielding healthy outcomes and connections. 

The means of therapeutic therapy delivery is through telehealth. Treatment time-frames are individualistic and are designed based upon the presentation of symptoms and client needs.  

We Help You Learn the Fundamentals of Your Well-Being to Become Your Best Self

We provide you with the opportunity to discover the patterns of how you think, feel, and behave. Learning your patterns will increase your awareness and, thereby, your ability to fulfill unmet needs. 

Confronting your needs is an important first step in learning about yourself.  This framework will create the opportunity for you to break old patterns of behaviour and transform you along your pathway toward building the fundamentals of your well-being.   

The therapeutic process can equip you with a new perspective to problem-solve life’s challenges. Learning about yourself can be a scary undertaking and a lonely experience along a narrow path. We’re here to support you. You can rely on our expert-guided information as you journey toward discovering your authentic truths.

Drawing from our vast experience, you will be supported through the entire transformational process, from addressing past trauma to becoming aware of old survival strategies that were once effective but are now the barriers that keep you stuck. 

We provide you with a system to transform and adopt effective strategies that will empower the fundamentals of your well-being. The process will open you to accept your truths, and commit to transforming your well-being. Imagine having the courage to conquer your fears, discover your authentic self, and inspire the best version of you.  

Online Workshops to Empower You

Our team of professionals share expertise to help you understand yourself and others. Our workshops are designed for people who want to deepen their self-awareness and improve relationships.

Workshops are easy to follow, and available 24/7 allowing for flexible scheduling needs. Featuring a combination of theory and narrative, our workshops will help you explore real-life examples and gain more psychological knowledge in your subject of interest. 

We are busy assembling a collection of innovative workshops specially designed for you.  As a way to support your evolving needs, we welcome your suggestions. Tell us what you want to learn! Your recommendations will inspire our team to create workshops to meet your needs. We look forward to supporting your journey of self-discovery.

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Certified NeuroMeditation® Provider

Jill is a Canadian clinical psychologist registered in Ontario, Newfoundland, and Labrador. She works in the private sector, where she provides psychological services to a broad scope of populations with a particular interest in children, adolescents, adults, and their families.

Jill’s advanced meditation skills, acquired from the world-renowned and recognized NeuroMeditation Institute, are instrumental in deepening her clients’ self-awareness. As a NeuroMeditation® provider and instructor, Jill is motivated to help her clients achieve their full potential in their life pursuits.

Join Jill as she guides you through the practice of NeuroMeditation®. Empowering you to mindfully connect with yourself in ways that open the door to becoming more in tune with your authentic self. Building on your personal identity, the meaning and purpose in your life, you’ll discover a pathway to peaceful understanding of yourself, others, and the world around you. 

What People Are Saying About Jill
Psychological Services

Our professional psychological services sessions are designed to support you, children and adolescents, and your family as you navigate the challenges of everyday living. Guiding you to come to know yourselves, along with teaching an actionable set of strategies, we’ll help you and your children feel empowered through the fundamentals of well-being.

 We help clients develop a stronger sense of self, a deeper understanding of your relationship with others, and a feeling of confidence as you use the fundamentals of well-being to strengthen and reconnect your relationships, interactions, and everyday moments in life. We look forward to supporting you along your journey of learning

EDucational SUPPORT

We understand that children can sometimes find it challenging to navigate their own journey of learning especially when challenges present themselves. Having the tools, strategies, and know-how to recognize, name, and manage everyday challenges in the learning environment is how children and adolescents pave a pathway to success.

 Our child and adolescent-focused programs are designed to provide young learners with a deeper understanding of their own learning style along with an ever-evolving toolkit of strategies to help them build skills, self-esteem, and resilience to navigate the challenges and demands of academic life.  Our team looks forward to a new partnership!


We understand. We’ve walked this path. We know how completely overwhelming it feels. And now we’re sharing our secrets with you! Designed in easily digestible micro sessions, to meet the needs of busy parents and other adults, we’ve created accessible online workshops just for you ~ whether for your parenting journey or simply for yourself!

Speaking to parents, and other adults who are looking for tips, actionable steps and strategies to guide themselves and their children along this sometimes tumultuous journey of life, we’ve created these priceless gems to guide you through some of parentings’ most challenging moments.

With a range of topics created to support the everyday journey of life, we invite you to explore our empowering workshops available on-demand 24/7. Our workshops have been designed to fit the demands of your calendar and life. We’re excited to share these user-friendly resources with you!

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